Organisational Development

eikan delivers fully managed Organisational Development (OD), or works in partnership with your own internal consultants. OD guides your business through change implementation—from bringing in new engagement and strategy processes to role and team redesign, or wider organisation redesign.

What is Organisational Development?

Organisational Development (OD) facilitates change in organisations through a holistic and humanistic approach that puts real people at the heart of the process.

To stay ahead in a competitive world, your organisation must always be learning and developing, which means regularly implementing significant changes. Traditional organisation leadership theory promotes top-down methods for directing and implementing change—this means the leaders envision new directions which are then applied throughout all areas of the organisation. Top-down change initiatives may result in successfully altering procedures and structures. However, they rarely trigger ongoing changes in your working methods, your workplace culture or the effectiveness of your organisation—changes that are the root of really improving your return on investment, profitability and long-term success. Organisational Development (OD) draws from decades of international research and practice, and the collated expertise of thousands of professionals, to address this challenge head-on and carry your business forward.

Organisational Development Consulting includes

Changing the structure, culture, strategy and processes of an individual project or role, or an entire organisation.

Applying behavioural-science expertise and practices to facilitate transformation within an organisation.

Improving the effectiveness of an organisation by involving workers in understanding the challenges being faced and offering them new skills, knowledge and ways of thinking.

Promoting high productivity and performance, quality products, increased profitability and continuous improvement.

Facilitating change in a flexible, adaptive and participative way.

Sustaining change—ensuring things continue moving in the right direction beyond the life of the initial change initiative.

Organisational Development not only identifies and addresses the more obvious changes that are needed (structural, business objectives, product development, strategic direction, stakeholder requirements, etc.), but also the hidden aspects of workplace culture that are affecting your efficiency. OD guides you in the most effective and sustainable ways of growing through change in order to realise long-term success.

The benefits of Organisational Development

The creation of a continuous cycle of improvement, from strategy through to implementation, evaluation and further change.

Increased communication across all levels of the organisation, aligning employees through shared values and incorporating employee feedback into the change processes.

Increased innovation through greater employee development and engagement.

Increased profit through improved productivity and creativity, reduced costs, minimised staff turnover and creating a culture of openness and ongoing adaptability.

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