Personal coaching

eikan leverages on a wide variety of coaching techniques to assist your development along different pathways. The right path is defined by your specific goals and needs.

eikan provides expert coaching in the following areas:

Executive coaching

Any successful organisation has impressive leaders at its helm. Executive coaching gives your senior leaders the tools they need to optimise their leadership skills, not only improving their personal performance, but also that of the whole organisation. This tailored guidance enables senior leaders to approach every situation with an open mind and cultivate a ‘thinking space’ in which new ideas can blossom and grow.

Leadership coaching

Wise leaders are always learning and growing—through their own experience and by listening to others. Along with their coaching expertise, our leadership coaches have valuable, first-hand business experience. You’ll benefit from their insight into the cultural issues and systems that have an impact on the efficient running of an organisation. Learn about the intricacies of people management and improve your team’s performance. Leadership coaching will help you design expert solutions for managing the responsibilities that fall on your shoulders.

Career coaching

Choosing the next step in the course of your profession can be a daunting task. Career coaching helps you find the best path to achieving your goals. Coaches provide advice, consulting and mentoring—all tailored to embrace and enhance your skills and talents. eikan uses psychometric tools to help you identify your strengths and recognise ways your personality and preferences  affect your career choices.

Business coaching

To excel in a business setting, you need a thorough understanding of the business environment itself. Business coaching gives you and your team the support, feedback and advice you need to perform at the highest level. Rather than focusing on your psychological development, business coaches share insights into issues that negatively influence businessesand give you the guidance you need to efficiently manage these issues. Business coaching will help you develop in synchronicity with the working environment, increase your job satisfaction and introduce you to new skills.

Team coaching

Efficient teamwork is a highly specialised skill and team coaching is one of the best ways to teach  people to work in harmony. Team coaching provides the abilities needed for your team to achieve superior performance together, while also providing individual team members with capabilities and support to create a fulfilling work-life balance. Our coaches not only guide your team to address specific goals and functions, they also help you create action-plans that turn goals into successes.

Systemic coaching

Running your business like a well-oiled machine requires co-operation—if the different players can’t work together then success will always be just out of reach. Systemic coaching is a form of counselling that facilitates constructive conversations. You will resolve conflict and improve the functioning of your team as a whole. Coaches assess the interpersonal dynamics within your team and identify any individual team members who might benefit from coaching while consistently increasing co-operation and strengthening relationships. The goal is to improve the team system by coaching members to navigate relationships in ways that benefit the team’s output. Systemic coaching focuses on improving the quality of the collaboration, rather than on the individual relationships themselves.

Life coaching

Happy, healthy and well-adjusted people are the most successful people. Life coaching focuses on your personal development. But also incorporates psychology, neuroscience, sociology and career development. Coaches help you find perspectives and approaches that improve your health and well-being, while guiding you  towards achieving your  dreams. It is a holistic, psychology-based approach. Coaching sessions include use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)—a method for teaching you to understand your own mind and overcome anxiety or emotions that might be holding you back.

All eikan coaches comply with the highest standards in coaching. As ICF-certified professionals, we are  bound by the ethical code of conduct set forth by the International Coaching Federation. We regularly attend supervised coaching sessions with peer professionals to ensure our  coaching techniques and practices are of the highest quality.

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